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Case Results

Case No.: Expunged, Broward County

Allegations: Possession of Cocaine: My client failed to use a turn signal while making a left on to Sunrise Blvd. in Broward County. He, a white man, had been observed driving through a predominantly black neighborhood in the middle of the night and conversing with a black man, a known neighborhood drug dealer, who was standing outside my client's car. The officer observed my client drive around the block and meet the known drug dealer in front of the drug dealer's house and go inside. The officer observed my client come outside about fifteen minutes later and drive away. The officer stopped my client for the alleged turn signal violation and confronted my client about buying drugs. My client denied any drug involvement and Canine officers arrived. Upon a positive alert by the Canine officer, crack cocaine was located in the rear flap of the passenger seat. My client was arrested for possession of cocaine.

Results: The filing prosecutor knew the turn signal law (other traffic has to be affected in order for an officer to effect a traffic stop for failing to use turn signal) and agreed that he wouldn't be able to prosecute as the cocaine evidence would have been suppressed due to an illegal traffic stop. As the result, the filing prosecutor declined to file any criminal charges. I then had my client's arrest record expunged.