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Case Results

Case No.: 4246DNO, Dade County

Allegations: Driving Against License Restrictions. My client was alleged to be driving for social reasons rather than for a business purpose despite the fact that he had only a business-purpose license. Officer Star Eugene of the Miami Dade Police Department stopped my client for going 100 mph in a 55 mph zone. She said my client looked disheveled and ‘like he had been partying.' This took place at 11:30 at night. Based only on these facts, Officer Eugene charged my client with driving against his business purpose restriction.

Results: The day of trial, the state dropped the charges. I convinced them that they had no evidence that my client wasn't coming from work. Even though it was late at night, he was leaving his Music Studio which was under construction. The state agreed that they couldn't prove my client wasn't coming from work.