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Case Results

Case No.: 07021110MM10A, Broward County

Allegations: DUI: Officer A responded to a dispatch call reference some kind of domestic disturbance. Upon his arrival, he met with two Hispanic males. One spoke no English and the other very little. The officer spoke no Spanish. The male who spoke very little English was attempting to translate for the male who spoke none. The officer testified at deposition that he had only gathered from the two men, “something about the defendant driving away with the man's keys and that she may have been drunk or drinking.” The officer radioed for another officer to stop my client's vehicle. That second officer testifed that he had no information specific to any crime nor observed any infraction when he received the order from the first officer to stop my client's car. Once the stop was made, my client was arrested for DUI. The arresting officer requested that my client submit to a breath, urine, or blood test. She refused all such testing.

Results: The state attorney graciously conceded the legitimacy of the motions and offered my client a reduced charge of “reckless driving.” The state agreed to withhold adjudication (no conviction for anything). My client accepted that offer. She received no conviction and maintained her driver's license.