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Case Results

Case No.: 06021623MM10A, Broward County

Allegations: Two Counts: 1: DUI; 2: Resisting/Obstructing without violence. My client sped westbound on Oakland Blvd. in Broward County at 57 mph in a 35 mph zone. He crossed the lane divider line to his right one time and weaved a little in his lane. These last two allegations occurred after the officer ‘overtook' my client's vehicle. My client smelled of alcohol, had red and glassy eyes, and slurred speech. He used his vehicle to help lift his body from the vehicle. He wasn't given walk-and-turn or one-leg-stand because his knee had been crushed in a prior accident at a night club four years earlier. He failed the finger count, finger-to-nose, and standing balance and was arrested. He refused the officer's order to enter the patrol car and was charged with resiting without violence. At the police station, he refused to take the breath test.

Results: Not Guilty on both counts.