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Case Results

Case No.: 06-16743MM10A, Broward County

Allegations: DUI: A BSO deputy observed my client's vehicle blocking traffic at railroad tracks on Griffin Road in Broward County in the early morning hours. My client was asleep in the driver's seat with the seat reclined and the engine running. It took the deputy several attempts to wake my client. Once my client awoke, he attempted to drive away. My client smelled of alcohol, was very unsteady on his feet and did not say anything or do anything in response to the officer's questions or commands. His eyes were bloodshot and his face was flushed. He failed the roadside sobriety tests and was arrested. He withdrew his consent to submit to a breath test.

Results: On the morning of trial, the state attorney's office offered the reduced charge of reckless driving. My client accepted the offer and the state changed the DUI charge to Reckless Driving.