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Case Results

Case No.: 06-004387CF10A, Broward County

Allegations: Felony DUI (third offender) and reckless driving. My client was speeding and dodging in and out of traffic in order to get to the HardRock Cafe and Casino in Hollywood. He smelled of alcohol, had blood-shot, droopy eyes, slurred speech, and was lethargic and had difficulty standing without assistance. He elected not to take the field sobriety tests and was arrested at which time he declined law enforcement's request to take the breath test.

Results: The jury acquitted my client of the more serious DUI charge but convicted him of reckless driving. The prosecutor had offered an 18-month prison sentence in exchange for a ‘guilty' plea to both charges. My client's maximum exposure was 5 years in state prison on the felony charge and 90 days in the county jail on the reckless driving charge. He received a sixty-day county-jail sentence.