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Case Results

Case No.: 051281W, Dade County

Allegations: (1). DUI with property Damage to a vehicle; (2). DUI with property damage to a concrete barrier owned by Dade County; (3). Straight DUI; (4). Leaving the scene of an accident with property damage; (5). No proof of insurance. My client left Joe Robbie Stadium after the Monday Night Football game between the Dolphins and the Eagles. As he left the parking lot, he struck another's car, hit and moved a concrete barrier, struck a metal fence, almost ran over several officers and civilian pedestrians. He fled towards the turnpike before being stopped by an officer. He smelled of alcohol, had blood-shot eyes, slurred speech and a flushed face. He refused both the roadside tests and the breath test after being arrested by Officer Paul Terry of the Miami Dade Police Department.

Results: acquitted by the judge on the dui property damage counts, the leaving the scene of the accident count and the ‘No proof of insurance' count. Acquitted by a JURY on the DUI count. The jury took almost four and a half hours to reach their Not- Guilty verdict on 05/12/04. Defended by Lloyd H. Golburgh, Esq.

*Officer Terry threatened to arrest me during the trial for being ‘in his space.' He then told me that ‘things were different here in Dade County,' no doubt a derogatory reference to my having a Broward County address. This was before the jury returned its verdict. Officer Terry waited in the court house until 10:00 p.m. for news of the verdict.