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Case Results

Case No.: 02-20615CSANO, 02-9279BHXASP, 02-20616CFANO, Pinellas County

Allegations: Felony Fleeing and Eluding and DUI. My client was pulling his boat along 62nd Avenue in Pinellas County. Deputy J. Durett said he was failing to maintain a single lane and speeding. He turned on his blue lights at 34th street but my client failed to stop. Two and one half blocks later at Haines Blvd., Deputy Durett turned on his siren, but my client again refused to stop. After traveling another five blocks at 45 miles per hour, my client turned left at 25th street and pulled over. He smelled of alcohol, had slightly slurred speech, blood-shot and watery eyes, and problems with his dexterity. He told the officer he had two sips of whiskey to warm himself up as it was very cold and he was wet from boating. Deputy Durett read him his rights, told him he could have an attorney, and arrested him for fleeing and eluding because he didn't stop for the lights and siren. Sgt. Luben arrived and conducted a dui investigation. My client asked for the lawyer Deputy Durett said he could have. Sgt. Luben told him he could not have a lawyer during the DUI investigation. My client refused all testing.

Results: My client was acquitted by a jury in thirty minutes on 02/25/04. Defended by Lloyd H. Golburgh, Esq.