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Case Results

Case No.: 02-12838CF10A, Broward County

Allegations: Escape: My client assumed the name and identity of another cell-mate, including his social security number and jail ID number and tried to get released under the assumed person's name.

Results: acquitted by the JURY after just seven minutes of deliberation on Wednesday, June 9, 2004. Four different corrections deputies looked at the picture of the person who was scheduled for release. Even though my client looked nothing like the man in the picture, with the exception of the fact that they were both black, all four deputies said my client was the person who was supposed to leave the jail that day because he answered all of the questions about the other man's identity correctly. The jury did not like the fact that the department of corrections relies on the honesty of the inmates in determining whether they are to be released from custody. Defended by Lloyd H. Golburgh, Esq.